Inspection Services and Document Control

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  • Communicate project progress, recommendations and issues to the City and Engineers.
  • Review of Contractor or Owner surveying for accuracy to site conditions and design.
  • Oversee, review, and communicate on construction work, track progress to the contract documents and Contractor submitted schedule.
  • Maintain project documentation in accordance to State and Federal requirements for grant reimbursement. (where applicable)
  • Provide quality control to ensure the project is completed in accordance with project plans, specifications, City standards, WSDOT, and AASHTO standards, and Federal and State Requirements.
  • Measure and compare pay items to site performance , prepare item list for CM and/or review pay request to confirm quantities.
  • Coordinate testing and Inspection of materials in accordance with the contract provisions and WSDOT requirements for outside Inspection for compaction, concrete testing, paint thickness
  • Provide or review and verify final record drawings for accuracy of any changes to the plans.
  • Collect all tickets and coordinate all Inspection of materials in accordance with project specifications.
  • Coordinate and communicate construction impacts with residents, property owners , and businesses.
  • Provide daily Construction log of events along with daily site photos.
  • Assist Contractor in coordinating any utility adjustments or issues.
  • A.I.D. Arial Imaging Documentation/Drone Project Documentation