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  • Inspection Services: Which include on-site Email Communications; Daily Reports sent via email by the next working day; Site Photos compiled daily and sent weekly to Construction Manager and Owner; Erosion Control Inspection including in-field turbidity testing and documentation meeting the DOE Oct 2006 new regulations; Contractor Monthly Billing preparation, Change Order cost verification, Force Account and Extra Work tracking; Project close out.
  • Project Cost Review: We provide a comprehensive review of the plans, the compiling of material, and sub-contractor requirements. This service includes a Takeoff Book with quotes from suppliers and quantities for materials; minimum of three Estimates, if available, from suppliers and sub-contractors; Labor and Equipment needs; compiled Estimate Book and CD of the cost review by the Engineer or Owner.
  • Constructability Reviews: Plan Review: Review Engineer plans prior to issuing for bids; detail any issues that are found in the plans and specifications giving recommendations for cost savings to the owner; advise the Design Engineer of any discrepancies found in the plans.
  • Photo Management: Site Photos are taken prior to construction, during construction, and post construction. AID Arial Drone Services
  • On-Site Turbidity Testing: Provide on-site Turbidity Testing with mediate test results protecting the Owner from DOE citations and allowing for fast changes to the erosion control measures and allowing for quick monitoring of the site drainage conditions.
  • Extra Work Order or Force Account Documentation: Inspectors draft an in-field EWO to have the Foreman agree with extra work hours, materials, and/or equipment to minimize monthly draw conflicts. Verification of extra work at the time it was performed eliminates any extra work disputes.
  • Verify Materials on Site: We verify that materials delivered to the job site are the same materials that are approved in the submittals the Construction Manager has approved.
  • Coating Thickness Verification: Provide UT testing of coating thickness applied to concrete and steel.